We are an EdTech start-up from Columbus, Indiana working to speed up delivery of information between secondary schools starting with transcripts and resulting in meaningful connections.

We seek to build a secure network on already functioning industry standards in which authentic connections will be made and auto-saved. 

This will impact many students as they navigate their diploma tracks and graduation pathways as well as alumni student record requests.  

Our proposed solution may extend beyond transcripts to a modern data exchange system in which we are allied with other EdTech solutions.  



Essential progress data, in-real-time, when you need it.  Democratize student data.



Skip the paperwork and seamlessly transfer demographic information including attendance data. 

Graduation Pathways

Students will know their diploma track and graduation pathway options and where they are in progress toward completion. 



State Reports

End the hassle, connect with our EdTech alliance to send the same data directly to the state.  

“It’s not an issue of ‘Can they get the transcript?’” said Dickey. “It’s more of an issue of ‘How fast can they get the transcript?’ Because right now the delay is making students be placed in the wrong classes."
-The Republic
“I usually look at utilities and ask myself, ‘Why isn’t that a thing?’” states Slater, a software engineer and vice president of technology innovation at Buffalo-based tech firm Patient Pattern Inc."
-Indiana Chamber of Commerce


We are excited to share that we are an aws EdStart Member, Ed-Fi Alliance Pledge, and Certified by 1EdTech.

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